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People offer to help foster for us and also ask why we only use foster care families in an 8-10 mile radius of Nottingham 

It’s fabulous that lots of people are willing to help us with fostering our labs when they come to us as we never use kennel facilities 
We feel that using kennels for dogs  don’t show their true character ad personalities. 
Far better to use a more realistic home situation to asses the Labradors needs in a home environment 
How do they react to strangers, do they get on with all people including children, good with dogs, cats, where do they settle to sleep, do they pull on a lead, are they ok to be left, how do they take to travelling in the car , can you take their food bowl away from them whilst eating it, what commands do they understand. 
These are just a few of the questions we like to ask about our labs in our care. 
We are a Nottingham based charity and are run by volunteers that give their time for free to rescue and who have “ day time professional employment” to pay their bills! 
Travelling great distances to asses labs in our care, taking them to the vets for checks, meeting behaviourists if needed, and meeting potential new families to see the connection between them would be impossible for us to achieve if they weren’t fostered in Nottingham. 
Usually if there are no issues or concerns Labradors normally are matched with prospective owners and happily off to their new homes well within a couple of weeks.  So fostering is only ever a short time  as there are so many people registered waiting to adopt our Labradors. 

It’s hard sometimes to love and care and then let go, so there are circumstances where we do get what we call “ failed fosterers” who ultimately go on to keep their foster lab forever. 
At the end of the day, it’s all about the happiness of the Labrador in that particular surrounding.


Based on their requirements, Edward strives to ensure that any Labrador coming into his care, gets a perfect new place to call home. One way he does this, is to know how the dog will fit into a new environment, which ensures that the ‘rehoming process’ is as stress-free as possible for everyone.


To this end, we at Team Edward, initially strive to place a dog looking for a new home, into a foster family rather than boarding kennels. This way we see how our new ‘house guest’ reacts in a new home environment.

We will offer all the support required whilst the Labrador is in your home. Although we take dogs from anywhere and rehome all around the UK, we are looking for foster homes within a 15 mile radius of Nottingham, as this makes communication easier for us.


All foster families will be provided with food for the Labrador in their care. Also, any veterinary treatments required whilst fostering can be claimed back from the Rescue. All we ask is that any treatments are approved by us prior to proceeding. This is because we work with a number of vets who offer us a discount and will invoice the Rescue directly - so there could be an alternative.


If you think you could offer a temporary home for a Labrador, we would be most grateful if you would register with us as a Foster Family. Edward;s helpers will make contact with you to discuss next steps etc. 


To register to foster please email us at 


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