NHS Bandana Update

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with the delay. 

Edward certainly has had his paws full with his “ little idea!”

Initially after coming up with the thought whilst out clapping for our carers on a Thursday night we ordered 20 bandanas, to see how they would sell! 

After they appeared on the BBC News and local radio station we were inundated with orders, with 300+ coming in on the night of the 9th April, when they appeared on the TV 

Zukiestyle who is a very small company in Lincoln that we have used for many years to make our own Team Edward bandanas, are busy prioritising our orders. 

With only two girls working just now with only one embroidery machine we really are testing their abilities! 
Ordering the blue fabric has been a challenge for them as many “ scrubs” uniforms are being made from the same colour fabric, so there has been a little wait on their delivery. 

Each one is hand cut, embroidered and then passed on to be lined, made up and pressed , so you can imagine a days work doesn’t get them very far down our vast order list. 

We added when ordering that there may be a 2-3 week wait for orders, which just now is seeming to be about right, but they are very professionally made and Edward promises very much worth the wait! 

Increasing our order now to over 1000 bandanas, to fulfil current and future orders, the positive news is that as of today we have a fraction over £3000 to donate to the NHS.  

Team Edward are donating ALL profits from the bandana sales. A charity helping another great cause in their fight against Coronavirus.

Zukiestyle normally have two batches ready for us every week to collect and just now we have suspended orders until they can get a little more up to date on our  back log. 

So again please accept Edwards apologies and we promise to get them out to you for your dogs to wear proudly just as soon as we can. 

Please also don’t forget to send us photos of your dogs wearing them. It makes Edwards day!! 😊

Kind regards 
Edward and his team 🐾